Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Apple 9" monitor

This monitor is the last remaining piece of an Apple IIc system my mom bought for me at the Parkland Goodwill sometime in the early-to-mid nineties. I wish I still had the rest of it, but hey - c’est la vie. I don’t remember if I ever got it to work anyway.

In today’s days of widescreen LCD’s and HD tablets, it’s easy to look at this monochrome CRT with a screen size smaller than most netbooks and ask, what was the point? Back in the mid-80’s, though, dedicated computer monitors of any kind were still relatively expensive.  A smaller screen could get the job done for less money. Almost all programs (other than games) ran entirely in text-mode - as long you could get a reasonable page of text on the screen, it was usable. You would only be using one program at a time anyway - even psuedo-multitasking was reserved for more expensive computers like the Macintosh.

I’ve somehow neglected to check recently whether or not it still works. Oddly enough, it only takes a composite input(the yellow RCA jack on VCRs, etc.) I guess it’s for compatibility with the Apple IIc, which was supposed to be “portable.” I know it output component - maybe so you could hook it up to a tv wherever you were? I did hook up a vcr to this monitor long, long ago. I remember it being really weird to watch video in green and black. I’ll post a video here if I get it working.


  1. I remember when my friend's parents had one of these sitting in their room. I don't know whether or not it still worked at the time, but I remember being amused by how old it was at the time. I was in middle school, so I don't know that I really valued technology or much of anything back then. Now seeing something like this is nostalgic more than anything for me.

  2. Bosomu aku ra mudheng blass.Nostalgia!


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